Elisa Michelini

Ridolfi Montalcino

grape harvest 2019
I am living in Montalcino since six months. I am not here every day because my job takes me everywhere but every time I return in this place I feel home. I fell in love with every single corner of this region.

The ancient story of Montalcino is narrated by sunsets waiting to explode with their golden colours over the lush hills, by its traditional home-made food ready to be eaten and the smooth wine wanting to be tasted.
People hard working their land with passion and respect to obtain sweet grapes is a millenary tradition that never end to amaze.
Nature rewards only those who treat it with respect.

I feel extremely blessed to have witnessed the grape harvest of 2019 and I decided to share the story of Ridolfi Montalcino Cellar and its wonderful people.

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