STUDIO SPETTRO is Elisa and Giacomo.
Elisa has almost 10 years experience in wedding photography, she won several contests in these years like National Geographic, Lens Culture, Lomography and MonoVisions, working in the meantime with prestigious italian photographers. Giacomo worked for years in the world of commercial and fashion photography with the photographer Francesco Francia. He also has numerous publications in PhotoVogue, Iconic and Kavyar.

We are two lovers, two friends, two soulmates.

We have run after each other for years, ever since we were children, spending our holidays in the same place without ever crossing our eyes.
We went to the same school, heard the same gigs, hung out with the same people for years and years, even wrote to each other but never received a reply.
Now we are the guardians of Fellini, our kitten that we found during a wedding. We strongly believe in fate's encounters and ours, along with our cat's, was strongly desired. Our photography is all of this: it's the union that stays with us every day, it's the journey of discovery that we have decided to undertake together, it's astonishment, it's love, it's our daily life.

What sets us apart is the professionalism and the genuine, empathetic attention we dedicate to our clients. Every service we offer is carefully selected and customized according to the attitude and business imprint of each client. With our mix of skills, experience and flair, we are able to deliver creative, unique and high-impact photo shoots. Our training combined with passion and the perfect harmony between us always result in a final product with exclusive qualities, a complete and distinctive vision and great attention to detail.