Elisa Michelini



I was born in Amelia, a small village between Umbria and Lazio in 1990. A few years after high school, in 2012, I enrolled at the Centro Romano di Fotografia e Cinema, studying analog photography and darkroom. In that year I intuited how my photographic style would be, having a predisposition to work with natural light and without poses. Because of some difficulties I left the academy immediately after the first year, ready to take-up my old job and put aside photography. Then, unexpectedly, winning the first prize of the competition organized by National Geographic 2013 allowed me to obtain a master’s degree in Reportage Photography at the John Kaverdash Academy in Milan. Here, as an end of course project, I developed a reportage on blind and visually impaired people who practice sports such as fencing, archery and baseball. This project allowed me to win a second competition, organized by CEI and 8xMille, becoming one of the eight photographers who participated in the “Chiedilo a Loro” campaign in 2015.
Once back home, in Umbria, I started working as a second wedding photographer for several studios in the area of  Terni. During these years of training in addition to digital photography I continued to research and study analog and instant photography.
In 2019 I officially joined the team of Andrea Cittadini Photography Studio, performing weddings as Head Photographer.
In the same year I was selected among the 25 finalists of
Lens Culture – Black & White Photography Awards.
When I put the camera down I am a Hatha Yoga teacher, I have been practicing it for ten years and teaching it for four years.
I like it very much, especially I like to have the chance to know a great variety of people and thoughts. I recognize its benefits and I put them into action, I use meditation to bring clarity to my mind when daily thoughts crowd it, now I can live it more as a lifestyle than as a simple physical practice.
On top of all this I am a super-fan of  TV series, books, cooking and of course, cats.
I believe in what I do, in creativity and in love.
I am always really moved when I come across couples in love with life and with each other. My job is all about sentimentauthenticity and relationships, so my approach will be personalunobtrusive and genuine.
During the photo shoot I try to be as discreet as possible, in every shot I always chase the most emotional and spontaneous moment, without asking poses. The style I use is reportage, my aim is to create empathy between me and my clients in order for each photo to be exciting, engaging and personal. I always try to customize each service according to the couple and their attitude, because at the root of this work there is creativity and a constantly changing perspective.
2013  -First prize in the National Geographic Italia competition for Portraits category.
2014  -For CEI and 8xMille  “Chiedilo a Loro” for “Ask them” campaign.
2019  -One of 25 finalists for LENS CULTURE – Black and White Photography Awards 2019.
2019 -Winner of Lomography Awards: the TEN AND ONE 2019 – Now or Never (instant category).